Brobeck Solar Energy LLc and the
Energy Credit Card System

Business ~ Energy ~ Community

Our Mission - Using the Brobeck Solar Energy Credit Card payment method to incentivize the electric utility companies to adopt it as a significant tool to meet the Renewable Portfolio Standard mandates (RPS).

Our Vision - The successful use of our business method patent; that will cause a significant market shift towards locally produced, easily distributed solar power by the power utility industry, and a consumer friendly and affordable methodology of energy efficiency improvements throughout our nation.

Mr. William I. Brobeck - Founder
The Energy Credit Card began with the planning of the installation of a PV system for Mr. Brobeck's home. As a mechanical engineer and inventor, the scope of the project looked to address a larger question... how could the PV system reduce all energy costs. The answer was a credit or debit card with credits from the sale of electricity back to the utility put on the card.

Mr. Dennis Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder & CAO
Co-founder and CAO Dennis Fitzpatrick has 30+ years in senior bank management, most recently as the President of Civic Bank of Commerce in Oakland, California. Mr. Fitzpatrick brings his industry knowledge and vision for the company to help with the financial community.

Mr. Paul C. Lacourciere, Advisor
Mr. Lacourciere has worked extensively with the distributed solar electricity industry, structuring many of the early small and medium scale commercial power purchase agreements supplying electricity to an on-site purchasers. He has also provided structuring advice to ensure projects comply with the myriad of regulations concerning the sale of electricity in California.

Other areas of representation include negotiating international equipment purchase agreements, corporate structuring for startup companies, dispute resolution through negotiations and representing clients before the California Public Utilities Commission.

In addition to serving as an attorney to the energy industry, Mr. Lacourciere has also co-founded and operated a biofuel company and a non-profit organization working on international energy projects bringing solar power to the developing world. His expertise as an attorney coupled with his real world business experience gives him a very unique perspective on the challenges faced by clients operating in the energy space. He is able to offer pragmatic and economically efficient solutions to these challenges.

Mr. Henry Kim, Advisor
For almost two decades, Henry has been an entrepreneur, financial executive, and consultant with several start-ups, as well as, a host of small and medium-sized businesses, wherein he has repeatedly increased net profit margins. He has empowered the owners of these businesses to realize the initial dream associated with starting their businesses - freedom.
In his role as Rent-a-CFO/Controller for many companies, Henry managed the financial matters of the firms, which allowed the owners to do what they do best - sell their products and services, and grow their businesses. In every instance, he has helped increase the net profit of his clients by at least 25% immediately. He helped one of his clients double their net income in one and a half years, and quintuple their net income in just four years. He helped turn around another client from yearly net loss to an annual net income over a quarter of million dollars the next year. In this case, the business owner was able to use his new found wealth to return to his native country of Mexico and become a real estate investor. Henry has broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing, and financial management in many industries, including construction, real estate, Internet, VAR, and IT consulting/training. He has helped companies "on the bubble" to regain their footing and prosper.

Peter Snell - Advisor
Before his retirement, Mr. Snell was the President of Electronic Financial Products and a member of the Orbis' Advisory Board with over 25 years experience in the credit card marketplace and thirty five years experience in the computer services industry. Through October of 1999, Mr. Snell was the President and Founder of Maverick International Processing Services, a full-service credit card processor that provides front-end, back-end, and back-office services for financial institutions. Mr. Snell has held high level management responsibilities at IBM, Computer Sciences Corporation, Tymshare Transaction Services, and McDonnell Douglas Payment Systems. During his nine year tenure at Tymshare, the Country's second largest credit card processing company, Mr. Snell was directly responsible for the credit card expansion of over 300 banks which issued 5,500,000 credit cards and accepted deposits for over 180,000 merchants in the 11 Western States. As a highly acclaimed professional in the payment processing industry, Mr. Snell is often asked to consult on issues and concerns related to the credit card industry. He also frequently conducts merchant training classes worldwide for clients such as MasterCard University, ABA School of Bank Card Management and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for and I-Bank and is a member of Electronic Transaction Association's E Commerce Committee.